7 Protection Control Knee Pads

7 Protection Control Knee Pads

May 15, 2017

I switched over to the Control knee pad after using 7 Protections Covert variant for just over a year. The market of knee pads really is saturated from big bulky downhill pads to glorified knee warmers. For me it was time for new pads and I wanted to stick with 7 protection as I was so impressed with the Covert. Again this is another home run for 7idp. They're so light, one of the lightest pads I have ever found but still offer an extreme level of protection. But its the level of comfort that really blows me away, I really do forget I even have them on.

The overall look of the pads is pretty low profile with the hard shell protection having a raw carbon fibre look to it. I find knee pads are really hit and miss, so much depends on your style of riding, shape and size of your leg and then materials used in the pad itself. The control pad for me is a massive hit. They offer great protection and extreme comfort, what more do you want from a knee pad?


Seven iDP Control Knee Highlights

  • Pedal flex zone ensures pad stays in position
  • Curv® low weight, high strength 1mm cap for superior fit and pedal motion
  • Double layer polygon perforated custom foam to increaseairflowand reduce weight
  • Centre strap adjustment with left and right hook and loop fasteners ensure the perfect fit
  • Adjustment strap sits above calf to help prevent knee pad from slipping down
  • Designed beyond CE EN 1621/1 standard to ensure maximum protection
  • Weight: 180g
  • Sizes: S/M/L/XL