7 Protection Covert Knee Pads

7 Protection Covert Knee Pads

May 15, 2017

The 7idp Covert knee pad, I used this pad for over a year before switching over to the 7idp Control variation. It is a great pad, its comfortable and offers 3 levels of interchangeable protection. I personally always left in all 3 layers but if you find you ride different disciplines this may be of more use to you. This pad served me well during the time it was used, it was worn at least twice a week but most of the time it was closer to 4 or 5 times a week. It was machine washed after every ride and never failed me. It truly was a pad I could put on and forget about. The pads were unobtrusive throughout every ride, something I couldn't compliment many pads on. This for me was the biggest draw, every other pad I had used in the past always left some sort of mark after a ride. What more can I say, its extremely comfortable, light, unobtrusive and can be picked up at an extremely reasonable price in our store.


Triple Layer Protection

Defining the Covert knee pads our three layers of protection mean that you can mix up the levels of impact absorption the pads give. With each section small enough to fit in a riding pack this can be done mid ride.

Slip On Design

The elasticated sleeve provides a breathable layer with internal silicone grip strips to keep the pads in place all day long.

Easy Wash

The outer sock can be easily hand washed (cold) with all the internal padding layers removed. Handy for when pads slung in the car after a hot ride!