Commencal Meta AM V4.2 Race

Commencal Meta AM V4.2 Race

April 26, 2017

I have always been a fan of Commencal bikes, they're well made and always receive praise from any owners of the bikes I have ever spoken to. For me it was a toss up between various bike brands but the lure of the Commencal was too much. Before fully committing to the brand I ordered one as a future demo bike but really it was for me to test. The whole idea behind Epic Cycles was to stock brands I myself could get behind, I didnt want to be pushing anything I couldn't personally vouch for. 

I felt at home on the Meta straight away, and instantly started getting PRs on my favorite trails. The playfulness of the bike and cornering were the first things I noticed while comparing it to my old bike. Within a week of riding it, it was a no brainier, this truly is a brand I can get behind. 

Suspension feels well balanced and supportive, its angles are slack enough for the descents and also steep enough for climbing. I actually switched the tyres over to my favorite combo of a Convict tyre up front and a vigilante out back, not exactly the fastest rolling combination but gives me grip for days. The spec is also unbelievably good considering the price, boasting the best Sram have to offer including a 170mm RCT3 Lyrik up front and the new Super Deluxe shock on the back (The difference compared to the Monarch is instantly recognisable)

My only grip is the tall seat tube, I like a larger bike so went with a size large frame, the difference between the large and medium frames in terms of seat tube length is 50mm which is a big jump in my opinion. Anyway this was something I got used to very quickly and I don't feel it effects the way I can ride/handle the bike. 

As I mentioned before the geometry of this bike feels bang on, certainly for the trails I enjoy riding anyway, it has given me more confidence in cornering the bike at speed and the suspension at high speeds is fantastic, giving just enough trail feedback while remaining incredibly stable. As this is a review I must be honest and admit I noticed a few of the pivot bolts had worked themselves loose, this was after about 2 weeks of hard riding however, and once they were torqued up again I haven't noticed this issue resurface. 


All in all this bike has really blown me away, bang for buck it cant be beaten in my opinion. Yes there are one or two downfalls, the long seat tube and the fact the pivot bolts worked themselves loose but this really is nit picking. The seat tube length took me all of one spin to get used to and the pivot bolts just needed to be re torqued in order to put the issue to bed. I am actually of the opinion this happened as it was a brand new bike and as is the case with anything and everything new, it needs to be tightened up after the first few uses.